Friday, December 10, 2010


1. Go to K:\Staff_To_Students\IB Subjects\Core\TOK\Trolleyology and find the audio podcast entitled "Trolleyology 1". Listen to this podcast carefully, making some notes as you go along.
2. Go to the blog site and look for the thread corresponding to your particular TOK teacher. Read the contribution made by your teacher (and those made by other students who may have got there before you). Participate by adding your own contributions.
3. When your teacher gives you the go ahead, go back to to find the podcast "Trolleyology 2" and listen to that. Discussion will continue on the same threads on the blog - continue to make your contributions.
Although you may well wish to make contributions that add a new direction to the interaction, please remember that it is a "conversation" that we want - in other words, you should try to take what other people have written and move the discussion onward - by agreeing, disagreeing, developing, etc., always with justifications.
At the end of this event, you will be required to compose a blog tracker like the ones you made last year, and your quantity and quality of involvement will be assessed.
We are very excited by the possibilities of this event. Let's work hard to make them real. Good luck to us all.

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